Welcome to my portfolio site, I’m Alyson Goodman, a New York based marketing and social media manager for a Long Island nonprofit.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved taking pictures, but when it came time to declaring a major in college, I originally pursued the track of political science. After studying it for close to two years, I decided it was no longer for me and realized I wanted a career where I could utilize my creativity every day and made the switch the studying graphic design.

Prior to entering the marketing world, I spent eight and half years as an editorial designer for a community newspaper chain. I then moved on to the nonprofit I currently work for and spent eight months as a graphic designer before being offered the opportunity to switch to a marketing project manager.

Photography is my favorite hobby. When I have some downtime, I can be found exploring with my camera. I consider myself a nature photographer, but I also have experience in photojournalism, product and portrait photography.

I can also be found at my blog, Sky Blue Pink, where I share my photography and also write about things that creatively inspire me, DIY projects, book reviews and more.


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